first planned cover artwork

(Edgar Froese & Johannes Schmölling)

May 2005, CD: Eastgate TDI CD042
Mastered with DQCTM system

Fans' voices about Kyoto here (last update: June-02-2005)
1. Streets of Kyoto
7. Craving for Silence
2. Industrial Life
8. Mad Sumo Yamoto
3. Chilly Moons
9. Kyoto Sunrise
4. Lizard Lounge
10. Last Train to Osaka
5. Cherry Blossom Road
11. Shogun's Prayer
6. Tamago Yaki

Back in 1983 when Tangerine Dream toured Japan the first time, Edgar and Johannes came up with a lot of compositions which should have been performed during the tour and released on record later.
The tour happened successfully, but due to controversies within the band, this music material never saw the light of a day.
Because of the fact that the music had nothing to do with other band members at that time, Edgar and Johannes decided 22 years later to make the material a full length CD.
Old 24 track tapes had to be restored to make this happen. So what you hear on this record is the emotional situation the two composers were into many years back at the peak of one of Tangerine Dream’s most creative periods.

Fans' voices (from the TDI Forum):
"Over all First impression are one of the finest albums, its up there with top 5 from TD its a pity we had to wait so long for it. highly recommended" (taximan431)

"Overall - I feel like I have discovered a son I never knew I had! That strange feeling of familiarity - it's definitely related to something I know and love and I am utterly overjoyed at its arrival.
This is going to stay at the top of my playlist for quite some time. Straight back to the golden era of the '80s.." (Billythefish)

"Stunning, the best album TD have produced in a long long time...Cheers Edgar and Johannes" (24db)

"After some more spins this is a gem of an album. The one that got away in the 80's but it won't get away today" (taximan431)

"It's a stunning album, a real grower, spanning old and new, but with real depth." (24db)

"The best TD album in a very long time" (zegaking)

"Johannes Piano & keyboard work has great qualities to it.Just like on recycle or die, Feeling to it. Edgars percussion ,drum & layed keyboard adds great texture & depth to each composition." (taximan431)

"Agree that it is the best in a very long time, but it is from 83, so that is also a long time gone. Great sequences as we are used to in those days. If there is nothing on the shelves in the archives anymore, we donīt get anything better anymore, I guess. But lets hope Edgar has some more surprises for us." (hansx)

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