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Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters are
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LOOM - 100 001
01: The Light That Failed - 05:52
02: Sun Castle - 04:28
03: On My Way - 05:15
04: The Hand Of Bosch - 03:23

Special EP produced for LOOM’s first Live show on October 15th, 2011 (Ltd. to 500 copies)
LOOM at Elektro Beats,
Oct. 15, 2011
LOOM live at the E-Live, Oirshot, October, 15, 2011:

Set 1
01. Palace Of Dreams
02. Modulation Agents
03. La Marche
04. Catwalk
05. Going West
06. Matjora Is Still Alive
07. A Room In The House Closed To The Public
08. A Long Way Home
09. Abacus
10. Crystal Red

A big thank you goes to Rene Montfoort for the pictures!!

Set 2
01. Circles
02. Towards The Evening Star
03. The Rise Of Smooth Automaton
04. My Reality At 52 Degrees Of Latitude
05. Cartoony Universe
06. White Eagle
07. Beach Theme

01. A Mellow Morning
02. Time And Tide
03. Choronzon

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MusikZirkusMagazin.de by Stephan Schelle
not only pictures but also a nice commentary about the performance (German language only)

Listeners' voices:
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Also from me, thank you, Robert and Johannes, very very much for bringing the show that turned out to become the most wonderful event I have seen so far. I'm not going to say that it's better than Tangerine Dream itself, as some people might want to shoot me if I said so, I'm afraid. My ears are still twinkling from this overdose of awesomeness. I hope you all arrive home safely and that your leg will be alright soon. (Rene Splinter)
Many many thanks for the great evening and the wonderful music! (Peter Dekker)
schmooooooooooooooooooooeeeelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Krismo Pompas)
No superlatives needed. LOOM is here,and Loom rocks! (Colin Jouxson)
Wow (Riley Roden)
loom war wirklich sehr sehr geil und es kann/darf eigentlich nicht sein, dass das eine einmalige sache bleibt.......... und viiiielen dank dass du es geschafft hast, johannes nach 25 jahren wieder auf die bühne zu bringen :) (Krismo Pompas)
It was a truly fantastic,memorable and emotional show.. it blew me away. (Colin Jouxson)
Time and Tide was fantastic Live! In fact everything was perfect, the gutars on Beach Scene/Theme, the intro for Going West, and all the nice piano parts, the pure and clean 80`s sound. JS playing stuff from Goblins Club! Everything was great! Not a dull or boring moment. That says it all! (Ståle Tandberg)
Livealbum,Livealbum,Livealbum,Livealbum....:-) (Jens Poerschke)
Magic,Wonderful,Extraordinary,Superbe,Légendaire etc.....:-) (Fabrice Baudinot)
Meine Güte was wirken die beiden anderen blass gegen Johannes. Er braucht sich ja noch nicht einmal Mühe zu geben, sie an die Wand zu spielen. Sometimes I think Johannes Schmoelleing has been the only real musician TD ever had. (michael1166)
It was a great concert! Good to finally meet Johannes too :-) (goblinsclub)
fantastic.. (tangfan64)
Great to see, Johannes seemed to be having a ball as well. (cantosis2007)
Time and Tide! Thank you :-) Concert was fantastic! (goblinsclub)
Loom - everything you hoped it would be. (marspolaris)