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Listen to the full radio show by Ecki Stieg here!
On October 4th Johannes Schmoelling joined LOOM bandmate Jerome Froese for a guest appearance on his solo gig in Gütersloh at the location Die Weberei. Also third LOOM member Rob Waters supported Jerome on stage that day.
For more details on the location please visit the venue's website:

Before the gig LOOM were interviewed by Ecki Stieg, German moderator of the Radio Hannover show Grenzwellen, aired on October 15.

LOOM during the soundcheck
Photography © by Wolfgang Makowski

Photography © by Hans-Hermann Heß
(more pictures from the event)

Photography © by Conrad Gibbons
On September 9 the German Electronik Music magazine released its new #46, including an exclusive interview with LOOM, interviewed by Stefan Erbe.
You can buy the full magazine at many (German) bookshops, on the official website http://www.synmag.de/

or just download the interview as PDF-file here.
Read it online on www.empulsiv.de

Photography © by Stefan Erbe
The French website ENCORE features an interview by Sylvain Mazars with LOOM.
Read it here:

There is also a report by Sylvain about the
full event:

Photography © by Sylvain Mazars

Photography © by Sylvain Mazars