Interviews, video-clips and other written stuff

Kuno's interview with Peter Baumann (2016)
with guest appearance by Johannes Schmoelling

German language

Kuno's interview with (2012)

German language, with English subtitles

Kuno's interview with Johannes Schmoelling (2 parts, 2011)

German language, with English subtitles

Thomas Broich of Music Transformation
interviews Johannes Schmoelling

Interview (Deutsch) / (English) by Lambert Ringlage, Spheric Music (2019)

Interview by Tobias Fischer from Tokafi (2006)

Interview by Conrad Gibbons from Ireland (2006)

"Von Tönen und Bildern/ From Sounds and Pictures"
Interview by Ecki Stieg from grenzwellen (2001)

Interview by Michael J. Darnell and Christopher Lawless
from Horizon Music (1997)