Music for the 3rd Millennium, Vol. 3

October 2001, CD: AMP Records AMP-CD042

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ONLY 1,000 numbered copies pressed
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1. ROBERT SCHROEDER "Sax Delight" 5:35 8. JOHANNES SCHMOELLING "Spacenight Runner" 7:52
2. VINCENT CLARKE & MARTYN WARE "Massive" 5:56 9. VIDNA OBMANA "Creep" 6:53
3. DAMO SUZUKI'S NETWORK "Manager Cinderella" 6:36 10. RUDIGER GLEISBERG feat. Alquimia "Remote Viewing" 4:25
4./5. GEOFF DOWNES New Dance Orchestra "Shadows, Pts. 7 & 6" 7:17 11. MARIO SCHOENWALDER, DETLEF KELLER & BAS BROEKHUIS "Wolfsburg Rehearsal" 4:48
6. WARREN CUCCURULLO "The Holy Man's Plea" 4:32 12. HARALD GROSSKOPF "Digital Nomad" 10:16
7. ALQUIMIA Vs. STEVE BALTES "Encinerada; Total Restructure" 7:26

Released in a numbered limited edition of 1,000 CD copies for the close of the millennium year, 2001.
Album release supported by LAMP (London Alterative Music Project)

Compiled by MARK JENKINS at Unicorn Studio, London

Unreleased tracks celebrating the masters of electronic, ambient and progressive music --- for this century, and on into the third millenium...

Special thanks to Alquimia, Matt Russell, Piet Manns, Andreas Hedler, and to all the artists

"Johannes Schmoelling doesn`t let the side down either with a wonderful piece entitled `Spacenight Runner`, very much in his classical/melodic style. The superb piano & synths mesh together particularly well which amply demonstrates Johannes` undoubted mastery of the keyboard."
(Carl Jenkinson, Sequences/
SynGate, March 2002)
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"This is by far my favourite of the '......3rd Millennium' series. Contributing new tracks to this project are some fairly big names from the EM world such as Johannes Schmoelling, Vidna Obmana, Keller & Schonwalder, Harald Grosskopf, Rudiger Gleisberg and Robert Schroeder. Robert is actually first up with 'Sax Delight'. A slow gentle rhythm / sequence combination are added to by a lovely breathy melodic lead line. A further bass line comes in as the rhythm becomes slightly more strident. On the whole though the track remains tender, even moody sticking to a comfortable groove. The saxophone sounds mentioned in the title are actually no more than the odd touch here or there so if you aren't a fan of the instrument it shouldn't put you off. It's a cracking way to start the album.

Vincent Crane and Martyn Ware continue in relaxed fashion with their track 'Massive'. Melodic duties are handled by the piano whilst gentle pads swell and swirl around giving a warm comforting feeling. I could have done without the vocal effects at the end but it didn't dent my enjoyment too much. Damo Suzuki's Network give us a track which hardly surprisingly should appeal to Can fans though his vocal delivery certainly won't be to every SMD customer's taste. 'Shadows Pts 7 & 6' by Geoff Downes on the other hand should be more to the liking of fans of mellow EM. Its all very relaxed and tranquil. I thoroughly enjoyed chilling to it- perfect timing after putting my young son to bed for the fifth time in half an hour (ahhhh!). A sequence starts up for the second part, piano taking lead duties. We do get the occasional flourish but on the whole the laid back mood is retained.

Warren Cuccurullo's 'The Holy Man's Plea' is an ethnically tinged dreamy offering and as with most of the tracks so far is extremely pleasant. Alquimia Vs Steve Baltes gives 'Eninerada' a total makeover. To start off with its quite powerful- certainly got my body moving to it but then things calm down providing Alquimia's beautiful voice with an ideal setting. The pace quickens again and we bop along to the finish. Mark Jenkins, the compiler of this CD did well in getting Johannes Schmoelling to donate a track and rather good it is as well. 'Spacenight Runner' begins with rather swampy sound effects. Its a bit like a cross between tracks on 'Wuivend Riet' and 'Zoo......'. Until the half way mark that is when we get the piano dominating as on 'Songs no Words' so in just under eight minutes we visit three of the four corners of his solo music career.

Vidna Obmana comes up with a typically atmospheric number 'Creep'. It is well titled but just because it is atmospheric don't expect just float. A rhythm can be heard in the middle of the mix, its an excellent one and if cranked up would really have rocked but this, of course, is not really VO's style. Rudiger Gleisber denotes 'Remote Viewing', a rather romantic number featuring wordless vocal colouring again from Alquimia. The Keller & Schonwalder track 'Wolfsburg Rehearsal' begins with delicate string pads but within a couple of minutes a sequence bubbles to the surface and a second is added along with a slow rhythm- in other words in classic retro fashion. Its a lovely track which I could have listened to for half an hour at least but alas such are the disciplines of a compilation album that all too quickly we have to make way for the next track - the last one 'Digital Nomad' by Harald Grosskopf.

Sounds of dripping water and chiming bells create a great eerie beginning. A fantastic sequence emerges out of the atmospherics building in power as a good drum line adds extra umph. The drums become even more insistent setting into a great body-moving pattern. A crystalline sounding sequence now comes in replacing everything else transforming the mood to one of delicate calmness. A different rhythmic pattern then starts up, not as energetic as before but still causing the feet to tap in time to it. Another powerful whirling sequence starts up and we move to a further blistering section. This is a fantastic track - the best on an excellent compilation."
(Dave Law, synth music direct)

© 1998 - 2003 by Johannes Schmoelling