Johannes Schmoelling with
Studio - Albums
Tangram (1980)  Exit (1981)  White Eagle (1982)  Hyperborea (1983)  Le Parc (1985)  Kyoto (1983/2005)


1980, LP: Virgin 202 169-320
CD: Virgin CDV 2147
1. Tangram Set 1 19:47 2. Tangram Set 1 20:28
Both written by Franke/ Froese/ Schmoelling
Edgar Froese keyboards guitars
Chris Franke keyboards electronic percussions
Johannes Schmoelling keyboards Produced by Chris Franke and Edgar Froese
Recorded 1980 at Polygon Studios Berlin
Mixed at Hansa Studios Berlin
Mixing Engineer Eduard Meyer
Sleeve design M. Froese


1981, LP: Virgin 203 998-320
CD: Virgin CDV 2212
1. Kiew Mission 9:18 4. Exit 5:33
2. Pilots Of Purple Twilight 4:19 5. Network 23 4:55
3. Choronzon 4:07 6. Remote Viewing 8:20
Produced by Edgar Froese and Chris Franke
Recorded and mixed June - July 1981 in Berlin
The music material was performed by Edgar Froese - Chris Franke - Johannes Schmoelling
Sleeve design by Monique Froese

White Eagle

1982, LP: Virgin 204 563-320
CD: Virgin CDV 2226
1. Mojave Plan 19:55 3. Convention Of The 24 9:27
2. Midnight In Tula 3:52 4. White Eagle 4:30
Produced by Edgar Froese - Chris Franke - Johannes Schmoelling
Recorded and mixed January 1982 in Berlin
The musical material was performed by: Johannes Schmoelling, Edgar Froese, Chris Franke
Sleeve design Edgar and Monique Froese


1983, LP: Virgin 205 801-320
CD: Virgin CDV 2292
1. No Man's Land 9:03 3. Cinnamon Road 8:31
2. Hyperborea 3:54 4. Sphinx Lightning 20:01
All material produced, played, engineered and composed by
Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Edgar Froese.
Recorded August '83 in Berlin.
Cover design by Monique Froese.
Consider Your "Self" (Buddha)


Le Parc

1985, LP: Jive Electro 6.26135 AP
CD: Jive Electro WD75215
1. Bois De Boulogne (Paris) 5:07 6. Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) 2:56
2. Central Park (New York) 3:37 7. Hyde Park (London) 3:50
3. Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona) 5:10 8. The Cliffs Of Sydney (Sydney) 5:20
4. Tiergarten (Berlin) 4:28 9. Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains) 6:10
5. Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto) 3:07

Produced by Chris Franke, Edgar Froese, Johannes Schmoelling
Recorded and mixed Jan/ Feb 1985 in Berlin, Vienna, London
The complete music material was composed, played, arranged and engineered by
Chris Franke, Edgar Froese, Johannes Schmoelling
Special Thanks To: Clare Torry for vocals on "Yellowstone Park", Katja Brauneis for vocals on "Zen Garden", Robert Kastler for Roland Trumpets on "Bois De Boulogne",
Christian Gstettner and Steffan Hartmann for computer programming
Thanks to Roland Music Systems Osaka, Hamburg and to Sony International
Sleeve design and cover photography by Monica Froese
The world, indeed, is like a dream and the treasures of the world are an alluring mirage. Like the apparent distances in a picture, things have no reality in themselves but are like heat haze. (Buddha)



May 2005, CD: Eastgate TDI CD042
1. Streets of Kyoto 7:26 7. Craving for Silence 6:13
2. Industrial Life 5:54 8. Mad Sumo Yamoto 3:19
3. Chilly Moons 8:55 9. Kyoto Sunrise 4:00
4. Lizard Lounge 4:42 10. Last Train to Osaka 3:44
5. Cherry Blossom Road 5:59 11. Shogun's Prayer 7:25
6. Tamago Yaki 7:48

Produced by Edgar Froese and Johannes Schmoelling 1983/2005
Re-mastered and mixed at Riet Studios and Eastgate Studios
24 Track Tape Restauration by Mr. Wende at Hansa Studios Berlin
All Songs composed and performed by Johannes Schmoelling and Edgar Froese
Published by JOSEF Publishing 2005
All Photographs by Monika Froese
Cover Artwork by Edgar Froese

"Back in 1983 when Tangerine Dream toured Japan the first time, Edgar and Johannes came up with a lot of compositions which should have been performed during the tour and released on record later.
The tour happened successfully, but due to controversies within the band, this music material never saw the light of a day.
Because of the fact that the music had nothing to do with other band members at that time, Edgar and Johannes decided 22 years later to make the material a full length CD.
Old 24 track tapes had to be restored to make this happen. So what you hear on this record is the emotional situation the two composers were into many years back at the peak of one of Tangerine Dreamís most creative periods."
© 1998 - 2007 by Johannes Schmoelling