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The Zoo Of Tranquillity

1988, LP: Theta 834 109-1
1988, MC: Theta 834 109-4
1988, CD: Theta 834 109-2
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1. The Anteater 2:54 5. The Zoo Of Tranquillity (Dedicated To Antje) 9:08
2. The Woodpecker 5:11 6. The Lawnmower 5:46
3. The Wedding Cake 7:01 7. The Zoo And Jonas 7:02
4. The Rise Of The Smooth Automaton 4:32

All tracks composed, performed, produced and mixed by Johannes Schmoelling at Riet-Studio Berlin 1987.
Voices performed by Anne Haennen.
Published by Peter Wirths Musikverlag.

Equipment includes: Steinberg Pro Twenty-four Software, AKAI S9000, EMU SPI2, Hohner HS-1, Roland D550, Yamaha TX81Z, with special thanks to Dirk Appelt who kept the studio running.

This record was inspired by Paul Spooner's Illustrated Book Of Automata 'Spooner's Moving Animals' or 'The Zoo Of Tranquillity', produced by Bellew Publishing Co. Ltd. 1986, published by Virgin Books. Everyone who buys a copy of the book should go and see the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, Covent Garden, London.

Art direction by Peter Bennett.
Computer Graphics by AVS Group (London).

P & © 1988 Polygram International B.V. Baarn

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