February 21, 2012
2-CD: Viktoriapark VP 18 113

20 tracks, the full concert

"SCORED" - Reviews
CD 01 CD 02
01 Palace Of Dreams (J. Schmoelling) 05:14
01 Circles (J. Schmoelling) 03:54
02 Modulation Agents (J. Froese, R. Waters) 07:15
02 Towards The Evening Star (J. Froese) 06:10
03 La Marche (J. Froese) 08:11
03 Rise Of The Smooth Automaton (J. Schmoelling) 04:22
04 Catwalk (J. Froese) 08:18
04 My Reality At 52 Degrees Of Latitude (J. Froese) 06:12
05 Going West (E. Froese, C. Franke, J. Schmoelling) 05:39
05 Cartoony Universe (J. Froese) 07:59
06 Matjora Is Still Alive (J. Schmoelling) 05:10
06 White Eagle (E. Froese, C. Franke, J. Schmoelling) 05:31
07 A Room In The House Closed To The Public (J. Froese) 06:23
07 Beach Theme (E. Froese, C. Franke, J. Schmoelling) 09:12
08 A Long Way Home (J. Schmoelling) 05:40
08 Mellow Morning (J. Froese) 04:23
09 Abacus (J. Schmoelling) 05:35
09 Time And Tide (J. Behrens, J. Schmoelling) 07:36
10 Crystal Red (J. Froese) 05:21
10 Choronzon (E. Froese, C. Franke, J. Schmoelling) 06:36

Jerome Froese (Guitars, Guitar FX, Guitar Sequencing and Programming)
Johannes Schmoelling (Grand Piano, Keyboards, FX and Programming)
Robert Waters (Keyboards, Software Operator, FX and Programming)

Recorded live in Oirshot/Eindhoven, NL on October 15th 2011
as part of the E-Live festival

All tracks on this release were performed by
Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters

Nils Hahmann - FOH Mix & Protools Multitrack Recording
Jonas Behrens - Sound & Protools Editing Assistance
Jan Kirchhoff - Lights & Stage Visuals
Wolfgang Makowski - Camera & Video Operator
Wanja Janowski - Photography
Anja Kathmann - Moonpop Merchandise
Andreas Hedler - Viktoriapark Merchandise
Martin Krüler - Driver

would like to say thanks to:
our terrific road crew (see above), Conrad Gibbons, David Fox, Ron Boots,
Eric van der Heijden, Philip Kasiske & Andreas Pohl from Just Music Store Berlin
and to all our fans throughout the world who have joined and supported us.

Johannes would like to give special thanks to his physiotherapist,
Mrs. Barbara Randrianarisoa. Without her guidance, her motivation
and her encouragement, he would never have played this concert.

uses equipment by:
Roland, Yamaha, Oberheim, Access, Fender, Boss
Electro Harmonix, VOX, Digitech, BBE, Ibanez and Apple

Photos by Wanja Janowski & Wolfgang Makowski
Cover Artwork by moonpop Design

Edited, Mixed & Produced by at Riet Studio, Berlin
Additional two track mastering by Nils Hahmann


© 1998 - 2014 by Johannes Schmoelling